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About Us

Germaine De Capuccini is responsible for bringing aesthetics professionals, men and women all over the world the highest quality skincare and cosmetic products. Germaine de Capuccini also strives to be a company that is both environmentally and socially responsible and care for the well being of socially discriminated minorities. Germaine also ensures that each product and treatment is made from natural ingredients that are sustainably cultivated.

No Animal Testing

Germaine De Capuccini will not test their products on animals.

CO2 Zero

Germaine De Capuccini's commitment to reducing its carbon emissions has been recognized through the CO2zero certificate, awarded to companies that make a long term commitment to reducing and compensating for any emissions.

Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices

Germaine De Capuccini has been recognized for their commitment to good manufacturing practices, going beyond the current regulatory requirements.


Germaine De Capuccini's organic skincare line was awarded the Ecocert certification as the products do not include silicones, parabens or artificial coloring.

4G1 Integrated Management System

Germaine De Capuccini was the first Spanish professional skincare company to integrate Quality Control, Environmental Management, Workplace Safety and Family Responsible Employer (EFR) under the 4G1 Integrated Management System.


In 1964 founder Carmen Vidal opened the first Germaine De Capuccini salon in the small Spanish town of Alcoy (Alicante). Using beauty secrets learnt during her childhood and cosmetic techniques gained during her studies in Paris, Carmen Vidal created luxury skin treatments for friends and family. Over the next twenty years, the popularity of her treatments grew with clients travelling across Spain to visit the salon, and across the globe men and women began to discover Carmen Vidal's luxurious skincare products.

Today, Germaine De Capuccini is still owned and operated by the Vidal family and recognized as one of the world's leading luxury skincare companies. Millions of customers across the globe have discovered Carmen Vidal's treatments and use over 500 skincare and cosmetic products every day.