Cleansers, Toners, Lotions

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Purexpert Essence (Normal to Combination Skin)

Refiner Essence (Normal/Combination)

$ 4100

A very gentle, but effective exfoliating essence that removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, and provides immediate luminosity and smoothness. Should be used after cleansing the skin.

Excel Therapy O2 Comfort & Youthfulness Cleansing Milk

Comfort & Youthfulness Cleansing Milk

$ 5200

For Fine lines & wrinkles, Lifting and Firming.

Excel Therapy O2 Comfort & Youthfulness Toning Lotion

Comfort & Youthfulness Toning Lotion

$ 5200

For Fine lines & wrinkles, Lifting and Firming.

Timexpert White Exfloliating Clarifying Milk Cleanser

Exfloliating Clarifying Milk Cleanser

$ 5300

An exfoliating milk with a creamy texture that deeply cleanses and facilitates

For Men Aqua Clean Facial Cleansing Gel

Aqua Clean Mattifying Facial Cleansing Gel

$ 4100

For All Skin Types. Aqua Clean is a refreshing and light gel that deeply cleanses the skin.

Naturae Certified Organic Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Organic Hydrating Cleansing Milk

$ 4100

For all skin except very oily skin of pollutants.

Naturae Certified Organic Toning Lotion

Organic Hydrating Toning Lotion

$ 4100

For All Skin Types except Oily. 100% organic toning lotion based on white tea packed with anti-oxidants from Germaine de Capuccini.

Options Line Essential Makeup Removal-Cleansing Milk

Essential Makeup Removal Milk

$ 4100

For A gentle cleansing milk for normal, dry or sensitive skin types. Dehydrated, Dry, Dull & Devitalized Skin, Fine lines & wrinkles, Lifting & firming, Preventative anti-ageing.

Options Line Essential Toning Lotion

Essential Toning Lotion/Toner

$ 4100

For A gentle lotion packed with natural ingredients from flower and plant extracts, perfect for the most sensitive skin. Dehydrated, Dry, Dull & Devitalized Skin, Fine lines & wrinkles, Lifting & firming, Preventative anti-ageing.

Options Line Balancing Make-up Removal Cleansing Gel

Balancing Make-up Removal Gel

$ 4100

For Oily/Combination skin. An oil free cleansing gel for oil and combination skin.

Options Line Balancing Purifying Lotion

Balancing Purifying Toner/Lotion

$ 4100

Normal to oil skin

Purexpert Refiner Essence

Refiner Essence Exfoliator

$ 4100

Exfoliating Purexpert Refiner Essence for Oily Skin. Exfoliates, purifies and minimizes the appearance of imperfections.*

Purifying Mattifying Foam (Oily Skin)

Purifying Mattifying Foam (Oily Skin)

$ 4100

Acne & Oily Skin. The perfect cleanser for oily skin. Removing and balancing excess oil.

Purexpert Anti-Imperfections Dermo-Cleanser

Anti-Imperfections Dermo-Cleanser

$ 4100

For Acne & Oily Skin. A deeply cleansing bar specifically formulated for skin with acne.

Purexpert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel (Normal Skin)

Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel

$ 4100

For Normal Skin. A gentle cleansing gel suitable for the most sensitive skin, simply wash off and so gentle.