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Timexpert SRNS

Synchronised Natural Regenerating System

Based on revolutionary research, Timexpert SRNS has been awarded with the prizes of the IFSCC. This ground-breaking research offers a new way to delay skin ageing.

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Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream + Hyaluronic Force Serum + Scarf

$ 11750

Receive in this Gift Set the Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream – Full Size – 1.7 oz as well as the Hydracure Hyaluronic Force Serum – Full Size – 1.0 oz (tube form) and a beautiful Scarf.


Timexpert SRNS Serum Booster + 3 Free Products

$ 15500

When you purchase the Timexpert SRNS Booster Serum (1.7 oz) Full Size, you receive this beautiful bag which contains the Timexpert SRNS Day Cream (1.0 oz)


Extraordinary Days Special Kit

$ 10433

Special Bag with the essentials to get your skin some extraordinary days


Pro 60+ Extra Nourishing Cream Mature Skin

$ 12600

Based on research into Epigenetics, this all round cream provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalization, improved pigmentation and hydration. Especially for mature skin or for those who have skin which has aged prematurely.


Sleeping Cure Ampoules Detox Night Concentrate

$ 8700

A revolutionary 10 night shock treatment to detoxify, purify and regenerate tired, stressed and dull skin.

Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream - Day

Intensive Recovery Cream - Day

$ 10750

For Dull, devitalized skin, preventative anti-aging. A cell energizing cream that provides repair and rejuvenation during the day.

Timexpert SRNS High Recovery Comfort Night Cream

High Recovery Comfort Night

$ 10750

For Dull, devitalized skin, Lifting and Firming. An energizing night cream with Avocado & Soy to intensely regenerate the skin.

Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum

Repair Night Progress Serum

$ 15500

For Dull, Devitalized skin. A booting serum especially designed to enhance the results of Timexpert SRNS Day and Night Cream.

Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Eye Contour Serum

Intensive Recovery Eye Contour Serum

$ 9550

For Dull, devitalized skin. Preventative anti-aging. A multi-vitamin eye serum that contains 60% active ingredients to revitalize the eye contour.

Timexpert SRNS Illuminating Detox Eye Formula

Illuminating Detox Eye Formula

$ 7600

For All skin types. An award winning eye cream to treat dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes.