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Irressitible Beauty Excel Therapy 02+ 10 Detox Night Sleeping Cure

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Excel Therapy 02+ 10 Detox Night Sleeping Cure


Enjoy the combination of the O2 Continuous Defence Cream which will literally just melt into skin. Packed with molecular oxygen together with an advanced complex of biologically active multi-functional cytokines that work precisly to hydrate, protect and oxygenate your skin exactly where it needs it. Cytokines help to re-establish cellular communication and are able to penetrate to the deepest levels of the skin delivering what is needed, where it is needed.

Key Ingredients

*MPC-Defence Complex: stimulates the skin’s natural cytokines.

*The function of cytokines is to detect problems, then alert the cells to correct them. At adolescence their effectiveness starts to decrease and the ageing process begins.

*Life-Cytoxygen: Contains encapsulated oxygen to safely penetrate the skin and deposit more oxygen. This provides radiance, vitality and rejuvenation.

*Hyaluronic Acid: an absolute essential ingredient in a good anti-ageing product to regulate the hydration levels.

10 days before, get organized.

Begin by applying the most sought anti-ageing treatments together with your detox night concentrate inspired by the latest beauty secret from Asian women: SLEEPING-CURE.

It is capable “in just 10 nights” of carrying out a defatiguing operation. It works while you sleep, especially during the golden hours (23h-2h), when the process of cellular regeneration reaches its peak. Made up of 60% of active ingredients (Detoxifying, Anti-oxidizing, Soothing and Hydrating).

Proven Results

In just one month of application*:

The skin tone appears luminous and unified 86.7%

The skin recovers a more youthful appearance 71.1 %

* Test carried out on 45 individuals between 25 and 58 years of age.

The O2 Cream can be used day and night, always apply to clean skin.

When using Sleep Cure, cleanse and tone at night, then apply the contents of an ampoule by means of a massage. You can apply your cream over the top. To use the ampoule, pop over the neck of the ampoule the plastic cover so that it grips the neck and snap, - the glass top comes away within the top.