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Syngergyage Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask


$ 5700

Quick Overview:

Suited For: Dark Spots & Pigmentation, Dry Skin, Dull & Devitalized Skin, Fine Lines & wrinkles. Brand New - a powerful, deeply exfoliating facial mask rich in AHAs.*

Size: 1.7 oz


Glycocure Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask

Brand new to the Synergyage line (our cosmeceutical line). A powerful renewing mask with a gel texture that bases its action on a unique exfoliant complex:*

  • Three AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids)
  • One BHA (beta hydroxy acid)
  • One physical exfoliant.

To be used once a week only. Perfect for skin with acne scarring, irregularities, pigmentation, dryness, lines & wrinkles or large pores. This treatment mask is very much based on taking a medical aesthetics approach to the skin.

To provide a real 'boost' to skin which looks dull and tired, consider adding the Synergyage Hydro Booster Concentrate to your regime for 4/6 weeks. This should be applied after toning the skin but before applying your usual treatment cream - it provides an extraordinary renewing effect, which, in combination with the Exfoliating Mask will show remarkable results within a matter of days.

Powerful Exfoliator

  • Improves Signs of Aging*
  • Helps Remove Skin Imperfections*
  • Helps Improve Hyperpigmented Skin.*

Use as directed.

  • Apply to the face, neck & decolletage area using small, circular movements and massage for around two minutes. It may 'tingle' a little, but this is quite normal.
  • Allow to dry which takes a matter of about 5 minutes and then to remove.
  • There are two options:
    If your skin is very delicate/sensitive, use a warm damp flannel/ face cloth and gently remove
  • Otherwise - gently rub using your fingertips and the mask 'peels' away in small pieces giving a really thorough exfoliation, complete using a damp warm face cloth.