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Discover CUSTOM MASK, our 3 expert masks formulated
with clays and the best of nature.
Extra Vitality Exfoliating Mask
Hydrating Anti-Stress
Detox Energizing
3 Masks Regular Size. – 1.7 oz each
Purchase 2 masks and get the 3rd for FREE

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Product Description

Try them and let yourself be surprised. In a few minutes see amazing results.

Extra-Vitality Exfoliating Mask – Exfoliates and Illuminates
An exfoliating mask, whose combination of precious and semi-precious stones, together with adcivated carbon and volcanic clay, cleanses in depth, revealing luminous skin full vitality.

  • Cleanses, regenerates and revitalizes
  • Increases skin luminosity
  • Refines the skin’s texture

Hydrating Anti-Stress Mask – Hydrates and Relaxes The stress caused by our frenetic lifestyle, work overload, lack of sleep and accumulated tiredness, have a negative effect on our appearance, revealing fatigues skin. Thanks to its select combination of clays and ingredients extracted from roses and plants, this mask reinforces the skin’s natural barrier, increases its vitality and provides deep hydration.

  • Provides fatigued and stressed skin with luminosity
  • The Skin shows a smoother, supple and hydrated appearance
  • The face recovers its expression and natural beauty

Detox Energizing Mask – Detoxifies and Revitalizes Pollution, fumes, UV rays and the environment have negative effects on our skin, leaving it suffocated, saturated by toxin, all in all, leaving the skin “lifeless”. This mask has been formulated with White Clay and Pure. Vital clay, a complete duo to facilitate the oxygenation and protection of the skin.

  • Purifies and oxygenates the skin in depth
  • Relaxes and smoothes the features
  • Intense anti-fatigue effect.

Why settle for one mask when you can combine them all? Now your masks in a limited edition launching pack. Combine and have fun personalizing your treatment


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