Defined & Fit 24H
Working 24 hours a day on areas affected by cellulite

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A powerful anti-cellulite product with a 24-hour multi-action, working day and night with a multi-action:

• Reducing
• Energizing
• Firming

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Defined & Fit is the latest generation anti-cellulite treatment for home use based on plant extracts whose combination is capable of awakening and accelerating the processes that help to reduce the accumulation of cellulite (orange peel, dimpled skin).

Use this product day and night, and it should be applied from the feet to just under the bust so that the whole body is capable of stimulating the processes needed to eliminate and reduce fatty deposits.

Defined & Fit is a multi-functional product, to reduce, to energize and to firm the skin, providing a smoother silhouette.

Apply morning and evening from ankles to underbust – this is a highly active product and it works with excellent effect.

For maximum results, exfoliate once / twice a week either using a body scrub/exfoliator or use a body brush vigorously when in the shower.


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Working 24 hours a day on areas affected by cellulite”