Excel Therapy 02 – 1st Essence Skin Defences Activator Anti-Pollution Pre-Serum

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Quick Overview

A pre-serum treatment with Triple Anti-pollution Shielding to protect and defend the skin which multiplies and maximises the effectiveness of all products applied to the skin subsequently.

A truly advanced treatment that balances the skin microbiome, protecting it and restoring its hydrolipidic balance and reinforcing its immune system thereby allowing the skin to repair, balance and optimize its health and giving you strengthened and resistant skin – the very best defense against all environmental factors and ultimately against premature skin ageing.

Size: 1.0 oz


Product Description

An intelligent pre-serum with Triple Anti-pollution Shielding to protect the skin from air, domestic and UV pollution. 1st Essence prevents toxins penetrating into the skin, strengthens the skin’s immune defences and enhances the effects of products applied afterward. Perfect for all skin types.

How it works

External protection: Biocompatible polysaccharides provide an invisible protective shield that prevents harmful, toxic particles from the air, UV light (including HEV light from electronic screens) and domestic products from penetrating into the skin.

Internal protection: A Probiotic Complex enhances the skins protective function while Niacinamide repairs the skin barrier to reinforce its immune system.

Product enhancer: 1st Essence can be used as a serum (for younger skin) OR pre-serum (for maturer skin) to enhance the effects of any products applied afterwards. It works to ‘trap’ the active ingredients therefore increasing their performance by maximizing their adsorption.

Morning and/or night after cleansing & toning, apply 1st Essence before your usual treatment products. Massage a small amount into the face, neck and d’colletage.

For Best Results

Pre-serum + Serum + Cream + SPF


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