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Quick Overview

A unique and deliciously refreshing spray that acts as a shield against three types of pollution whilst instantly hydrating & refreshing the skin. keep The perfect travel companion when flying to your skin in great condition. Also helps to keep makeup set for hours longer!

The mist works as a great base, but it was the only product that was found to keep foundation in place – it prevents your makeup going cakey or streaky.

It also serves as a hydrator, so a few spritz of the spray and skin feels well hydrated. It’s also the perfect size to fit in to your handbag.

Size: 1.0 oz


Key Ingredients

*Biocompatible polysaccharides provide an invisible protective shield that prevents harmful, toxic particles from the air, UV light (including HEV light from electronic screens) and domestic products from penetrating into the skin.

*A combination of tropical plant extracts generate a protective film on the skin’s surface that preserves the skin’s barrier function, slightly tautens the skin’s surface and sets makeup.

*Sodium PCA: a natural a moisturizer that has a high capacity to absorb and retain water from the environment within the skin. Applied topically, it refreshes and deeply hydrates.

Product Description

This unique spray works as an anti-pollution shield protecting the skin against the three main types of pollution. Secret Mist can be used throughout the day (under or over make up) to refresh, hydrate and revitalize the skin.

Main Benefits

1. Triple Anti-Pollution Shielding: protects against air pollution, domestic pollution (air conditioning, heating, cleaning products etc.) and UV pollution (including HEV light from electronic screens)

2. Healthy Look Flash Effect: provides an instant lifting and tightening action whilst minimizing the pores.

3. Refreshes & Hydrates: instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin. Perfect when skin is exposed to high temperature, after the gym, on long haul flights or whenever the skin is tired or feeling thirsty.

4. Sets Makeup: apply directly after makeup to help keep it in place.


Keep a distance from the face, close your eyes and spray (pressing the sprayer pump in full). 1 or 2 pushes of the product will be sufficient. Spray as often as required throughout the day either on a cleansed face or over makeup. Great for carrying in purse


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