For Men Force Revive Serum + Free Eye Contour

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Both Full Sizes

Suited For: All skin types. Ultra concentrated fluid serum to

attack all signs of ageing and defend the skin against daily

environmental aggression – A “Super Serum”*

+ FREE Eye Contour For Men

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New ultra-concentrated formula Force Revive, with more than 50% of high-technology ingredients, that promotes the youthfulness of men’s skin and helps reduce the stress factors that damage it every day.

Indicated for: All skin types.

• Includes the revolutionary ingredient Zinc-Glycine Complex, capable of neutralizing oxidative stress.
• RC-Advanced that protects and repairs cellular DNA.
• Ingredients that concentrate regenerating, energizing, protective and hydrating properties: High Purity Collagen Activator, Soluble Native Collagen, High and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, nanoemulsified ingredients such as Multi-vitamin Complex, Vitamin C, Potentilla electa Root Extract, Prunus persicae Extract, a powerful complex based on 7 plant extracts, Birch Sap And Trace Elements

Receive A FREE Eye Contour For Men
+ FREE Eye Contour For Men
Works against puffiness, bags under the eyes and wrinkles.
Favors drainage and smoothes the skin’s micro-relief.

Morning and Evening apply a small amount of the Eye contour cream, apply under and top of the eye.
Followed by the Power Age Serum, gently massage a small amount onto the face neck and décolletage. Avoid the eye Area.

Tip: Your moisturizer should be applied after your Serum


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