For Men Kit Powerage Energizing Anti Age Emulsion+ Eye Roll On + 2 Hair Ampoules

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Power Age Serum: An anti-ageing moisturizer to energize and fi rm the skin. Our exclusive Skin Recharge, D-Tox Complex and GN Protect work to detoxify the cells, boost cell energy and reduce collagen and elastin damage.

Energy Eye Roll On:This refreshing eye gel contains caffeine and our exclusive Micro Dermoxine Complex to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area. Its innovative steel applicator provides instant freshness whilst allowing you to gently massage the eye area, stimulating micro-circulation.

2 ampoules of Hair Shine & Youthfulness Restoring Essence
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An energizing anti-age emulsion that works effectively and rapidly against the signs of fatigue. The skin tone is improved, hydration is restored and the skin recovers its vitality and radiance. Good for skin which is normal / with a tendency towards being combination.

Powerage provides an immediate energy charge for stressed and tired skin. Its anti-ageing power lies in its powerful latest generation ingredients:

  • Skin Recharge an energy booster, an extraordinary combination of plant extracts which strengthen the skin’s bio-energetic potential, this is reflected in skin which is more toned, deep hydration and the recovery of a fresh, more radiant appearance, skin becomes more energized.
  • D-Tox Complex – a powerful enzymatic complex whose properties protect and rejuvenate the skin helping the skin recover from ageing caused by free radicals. This is through a natural ‘cellular recycling’ process helping the skin to eliminate toxins, thereby recovering its natural regenerating capacity. Day by day, the skin recovers a more youthful look, wrinkles are reduced and the tone of the skin is smoother and more radiant.
  • GN Protect – an extract rich in Zinc with gene protecting activity. Also works against glycation – which is caused through an excess of sugar in our daily diets, which affects the skin.
  • Birch Sap – a substance rich in trace elements, (Silicon, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium) and Vitamins from the C & B Group

Powerage provides an immediate feeling of freshness, with a light melting texture and a new energizing fragrance – apply to the face and neck
For Men Energy Eyes Roll-On
Prevents and works on signs of fatigue and expression wrinkles on the eye contour and other localised areas, such as between the eyebrows, naso-labial fold, temples, etc.

It has an anti-puffiness, anti-expression wrinkles, revitalizing and firming action with lifting effect.

Its innovative steel-point roll-on applicator provides an immediate energy-freshness effect. Shake well before use.

Indicated for: All skin types.

Very suitable for preventing and working against signs of fatigue and expression wrinkles on the eye contour.

Formula: Made up of a combination of Caffeine with organic Silicon, the Micro-Dermoxine Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Birch Sap and Trace Elements and Sugars extracted from Oats, it works against puffiness and expression wrinkles and has a revitalizing, firming and visible lifting effect.

2 ampoules of Hair Shine & Youthfulness Restoring Essence

Power Age Serum:
Morning & evening, gently massage a small amount into the face, neck and décolletage. Avoid the eye area.

Tip: Your moisturizer should be applied after your serum.

Energy Eye Roll On
Gently massage the product around the eye contour area with the steel applicator to stimulate micro-circulation and refresh the eyes.

Apply morning and evening or at times when you feel tired and need to look refreshed.

Tip: Be careful not to use too much product or apply too close to the eye as this can cause puffiness.

2 ampoules of Hair Shine & Youthfulness Restoring Essence


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