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This moisturizing cream protects against the four main types of pollution whilst boosting the skin’s oxygen levels to prevent the early signs of ageing and brighten the complexion.
For normal/dry skin types.
FREE Products
Excel Therapy Intense 02 Mask
Options Line Eye Makeup Remover Express

Sizes: Cream 1.7 oz – Full Size
Excel Therapy Mask – 1.7 oz
Eye Make Up Remover Express Water – 1.7 oz

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Excel Therapy 02 Defence Cream
The rich hydrating cream contains exclusive Large Anti-Pollution Technology to effectively protect and repair the skin from the four main types of pollution (Air, UV, Digital & Domestic). Pollution steals oxygen from our cells preventing them from working properly which leads to premature signs of ageing and dull tone. Pollution Defence Cream restores the skin’s natural functions and oxygen supply to reduce fine lines, pigmentation, flaccidity and dryness. The skin also appears much healthier with a brighter and more radiant tone.

Excel Therapy Intense 02 Mask
This intensive mask works from the skin’s surface to the deepest layers to rejuvenate and detoxify the skin by depositing stores of encapsulated oxygen. The skin is instantly more luminous, radiant and youthful.

MPC-Defense Complex: stimulates the skin’s natural cytokines. The function of cytokines is to detect problems, then alert the cells to correct them. At adolescence their effectiveness starts to decrease and the ageing process begins. By stimulating the Cyktotines the skin can re-establish its natural self-defense mechanisms against environmental stress and therefore the signs of ageing.

The Benefits

  • Provides instant radiance & luminosity
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Works against early signs of ageing
  • Helps the skin defend itself against environmental aggressions

Options Line Eye Make Up Remover Express Water
A gentle and effective makeup remover. It has a soothing and balancing action and is therefore good for skin which is sensitive. Perfect for those with little time – as it’s an all in one product, therefore great to travel with – or keep in your gym bag.


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