New Purexpert Natural Perfection Hydrating Cream (Tint) + FREE Cleanser & Toner Combination Skin

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Perfect for normal / combination skin, this kit reduces spots, breakouts and excess oil in 3 simple steps. The cleanser and toner come complimentary with our brand new tinted moisturizer providing a light, natural coverage.

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A daily routine in 3 simple steps

*Deeply cleanses & removes impurities

*Hydrates & improves the skin’s luminosity

*Regulates oil production without drying the skin

*Reduces shiny spots

*Natural Perfection Tinted Cream blends with any skin tone to unify the complexion

This simple program includes 3 products designed specifically to treat normal /combination skin gently, without any nasty harsh ingredients. Use daily to see your oiliness, spots and breakouts reduced and help prevent them returning. Contains two free mini products of a Cleanser and Toner with the full-size cream:

Step 1: Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel (30 ml): This refreshing gel deeply cleanses without drying the skin. Containing Gypsophila and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it prevents moisture loss and removes impurities.

Step 2: Refiner Essence Normal / Combination Fluid (1.7 oz): Containing AHAs and Salicylic Acid, this purifying toner renews the skin and keeps the pores clean by gently removing dead skin cells.

Step 3 Natural Perfection Hydro-Mattifying Tinted Cream 1.7 oz: This oil-free hydrating cream is enriched with mineral pigments to provide a light, natural coverage. The appearance of spots, pores and oily patches are reduced leaving the skin with an even and matt complexion.

Recommended for:

*Teenage skin

*Male or female skin

*Normal / Combination skin suffering from breakouts

Step 1 Cleanse: Morning & Evening – massage the Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel into the face and neck with a few drops of warm water and rinse off.

Step 2 Renew: Morning & Evening – Pour a few drops of the Refiner Essence Exfoliating Toning Fluid into the palm of your hand, then pat into the face and neck.

Step 3 Hydrate: In the mornings – apply a small amount of the No Stress Hydrating Cream to the face & Neck.

Tip: At night apply the Purexpert No Stress Hydrating Cream


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