Perfect Forms Lift Designer Tautening Cream Contours And Firmness

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Suited for: Body contour cream that tautens and firms,
lifts and smooths skin.*

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Lift Designer Cream

Magnificent gel-cream treatment capable of redesigning the contours of the silhouette due to its triple action Remodeling, Fortifying and Lifting-Smoothing.*

Thanks to its Avant-garde ingredients, Lift designer works globally on the different factors that alter the harmony of the silhouette:

A true body architect that restores the figure with its firmness, suppleness and beauty, redesigning its shapes.*

This formula contains a molecular film rich in plant peptides which deeply hydrates and has a powerful immediate and lasting lifting effect.*

Product Description

Tautens & Firms*

  • Firms, remodels contours of silhouette.*
  • Tissue Remodeling Factor (T.R.F.) delays expansion of adipose tissue, helps restructure extracellular matrix.*
  • Structuline IV, has great firming effect.*
  • Deeply Hydrates with lasting lifing effect.*
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Use twice a day

  • Apply twice a day on abdomen, buttocks, inner part of the arms and thighs
  • Lightly massage until totally absorbed.


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