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Lipo-Sculpting Body Emulsion
A liposcupting body emulusion with Lipo Drone Technoloy to target, drain and breakdown cellulite.

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Germaine de Capuccini presents its NEW secret weapon to delay orange-peel skin: SLIM MISSION. This lip-sculpting, fresh, light and very hydrating emulsion is aimed at any type of accumulation, molding, reducing and refining the silhouette.
This fresh, light emulsion contains exclusive Lipo-Drone Technology that targets the fatty cells to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin and define the contours in two phases:

Phase 1: Maca Plant Extract drains and relives the fatty area clearing the way for Lipo-Drone Technology to reach the fat cell.

Phase 2: Lipo-Drone Technology works like a “drone” to target the fatty cell at the nucleus to reduce the volume of adipose tissue and prevent it coming back.

Mint, Cypress, Lemon Peel, Lavender and Labdanum essential oils also relieve the sensation of heaviness caused by poor micro-circulation.

Apply be means of a massage after bathing / showering each morning and again at night. Whilst working to reduce cellulite this will really maximize results, draining and eliminating fat.


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