Purexpert Oily Skin – 1-2-3 3 Steps to clear, healthy, spot free skin

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Cleanser: 1.0 oz
Toner: 1.0 oz
Moisturizer: 1.7 oz (Full Size)

Attractively packaged Purexpert Set for oily skin works to reduce breakouts and excess oil with our 3 simple steps

1. Cleanse the skin with our Mattifying Foam Wash Cleanser (30ml)
2. Tone and Refine the skin with our Refining Essence (50ml)
3. Moisturize with the Hydro Mattifying Gel (50ml)

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Oily Skin
For Oily Skin
This simple 1-2-3 program includes 3 products designed specifically to treat oily skin gently, without any nasty harsh ingredients. Use daily to see your oiliness, spots and breakouts reduced and help prevent them returning. Contains two free mini products with the full size cream:

• Step 1 Purifying Mattifying Foam: A gentle cleanser with Willow Herb and Manuka concentrate to deeply cleanse, purify and balance excess oil.
• Step 2: Refiner Essence Exfoliating Toner: with AHAs and Salicylic Acid to keep the pores clean by gently removing dead skin cells.
• Step 3 Oil-Free Hydro-Mattifying Gel-Cream This oil-free hydrating cream is enriched with mineral pigments to provide a light, natural coverage. The appearance of spots, pores and oily patches are reduced leaving the skin with an even and matt complexion. Suitable for oily, combination or normal skin types.

Recommended for:
• Teenage skin
• Male or female skin
• Oily skin suffering from spots excess oil & breakouts

Follow this routine morning and evening

• Step 1 Cleanse: Massage the Purifying Cleansing Foam into the face and neck with a few drops of warm water and rinse off.
• Step 2 Renew: Pour a few drops of the Refiner Essence Exfoliating Toning Fluid into the palm of your hand, then pat into the face and neck.
• Step 3 Hydrate: Apply a small amount of the Hydro Mattifying Gel to the face & Neck.


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