Stop Pollution

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An intensive treatment serum that helps to prevent
pollution from entering the skin and defend against other
environmental aggressions.

Size: 10 Vials

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This 10 day shock serum provides skin ‘intoxicated’ by environmental pollution with an effective system to work against, defend itself and recover from the continuous attacks it receives in the city.

Ideal for those living in urban areas, humid climates ad smokers skin.

Proven Results*

After 10 treatments:

  • 91.07% have more hydrated and velvety skin
  • 82.14% have reduced signs of fatigue
  • 94.64% have more comfortable a with sensation of well-being
  • Self-evaluation test carried out on 56 people between the ages of 27 and 65

Product Description

  • An innovative polymer prevents pollution from entering the skin by retaining the pollution particles
  • L-Carnosine neutralizes the oxidizing molecules and extracts and blocks the metals.
  • Peach Skin Extract strengthens the adaptive response of the skin against environmental stress.
  • Our Urban-Detox System protects against the inflammatory reactions generated by daily aggression.
  • Medium Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid strengthens the skin’s natural protection against pathogenic bacterial flora
  • Apply once a day before your moisturizer.
  • Place the small plastic cap over the top of the ampoule so its head is gripped. Snap the head off and tip out the whole contents of the ampoule.
  • Apply using gentle massage movements to the face, neck and d’colletage. Then follow with your moisturizer.


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