Timexpert Rides Refinition Refining Illuminating Booster

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Suited For: Fines Lines & Wrinkles, An illuminating & Refining
Anti-Age Booster, corrects skin tone.*

Size: 1.0 oz



Tone Correcting Technology

Its photo-corrective agents take out of focus the imperfections and the skin acquires an impeccable matt appearance, that is, with no shiny spots. At the same time, the face’s natural luminosity is sublimated.

The combined action of the innovative VC-IP (pure Vitamin C) and lactic proteins notably corrects the irregularities in the color of the skin and its dark spots.

Redness and roughness are softened thanks to an effective complex composed of seven plant extracts.

Texture Correcting Technology

The revolutionary Moisture Trap system has hydrating properties and an immediate filling-in effect on wrinkles and pores, so the skin’s surface is refined.

The formula also strengthens the structure for collagen production, which effectively reduces the size of the pores.

Wrinkle Correcting Technology

The Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology promotes an optimal “skin architecture”. More collagen and elastin to intensely favor the skin’s natural “filling-in power”. Expression lines and wrinkles are faded.

Moreover, thanks to the Moisture Trap system the expression lines (between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet”, vertical lines at the corners of the lips, perioral wrinkles, etc.) are smoothed instantly.

An oil-free formula with a rich and silky text.

Product Description

Anti-Aging Serum*

  • Corrects Skin Tone*
  • Corrects Skin Texture*
  • Silky Texture
  • Reduces Pores*
  • Improves Acne Marks*
  • Dermotologist Tested

Use twice a day.

  • Use morning and evening
  • Apply over your usual treatment cream.


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