Timexpert SRNS Pro60+ and Sleeping Cure Ampoules

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A boxed set offering you the PRO 60+ Cream (1.7 oz Full Size Jar) within the SRNS line with 10 night course of Sleep cure Ampoules (Full Package of 10 Units)

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*Pro 60 contains over 60% of highly active ingredients and is aimed at mature skin, or skin that has aged prematurely. (Full

*Sleep Cure is an intensive detox / shock treatment for the skin, used nightly for 10 nights, skin becomes rejeuvenated, clear and healthy with a radiant look.

*For Mature Skin

*A highly active cream with over 60% of active ingredients

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Developed specifically for either those over the age of 60 or indeed for those with skin that has aged prematurely, PRO 60+ Extra Nourishing Cream contains our exclusive ingredient Epigenol, which re-activates the dormant genes that have been damaged over time. Once re-activated, Zinc Glycine Complex prevents further cell damage whilst Hyaluronic Acid maintains skin hydration. An all-round anti-ageing cream that provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalization, improved pigmentation and hydration. 99% of women tested said that PRO 60 covers all the needs of mature skin.*

Sleeping-Cure works to stimulate and maximize skin regeneration, detoxification and purification during the night. Containing 60% active ingredients this ultra concentrated serum reactivates natural cellular renewal to eliminate toxins, soothe irritation, strengthen skin’s barrier function and help it recover from daily stress.

Pro 60 can be used day and night, always apply to clean skin, – a little goes a long way. If using a Serum (and in this case we would recommend the SRNS Progress Serum – a highly active and powerful serum) – then apply the Pro 60 after the Serum Sleep Cure is a 10 night course to shock detoxify and clarify the skin. It’s incredibly effective and skin looks terrific in the morning. Apply one ampoule each night BEFORE the PRO 60 Cream. Use the small plastic applicator to grip the neck of the ampoule and snap. This is a safe way to open each ampoule. Use a full ampoule for 10 nights


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