Timexpert SRNS Sleeping Cure Vials+ FREE Options Essential Toning Lotion & Free Bag

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Size: 10 Full Size Sleeping Vials
6.8 oz Essential Toner

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Sleeping Cure is a detox night concentrate designed to put an end to the fatigued and suffocated appearance that makes your skin look 5 years older. A true intensive recover that works with maximum effectiveness during the “23h-2h Golden Hours” (between 11 pm and 2 am), when the cellular regeneration process reaches its highest point.
An almost magical awakening for true sleeping-beauty skin in just 10 nights.
Its fresh, ultra-light texture and its fragrance of relaxing notes provide extra calmness and relaxation.
Indicated for:

  • Fatigued skin because of stress, lack of sleep, smoking, etc.
  • As preparation of the skin for special events.
  • To work against the effects of jet-lag on the skin.
  • As a booster for enhancing treatments.
  • Recover skin affected by medication or after aggressive medical-aesthetics treatments.

A concentrate with 60% of ingredients that work from the first night.

  • Detoxifying: D-Tox Control, which stimulates the two key mechanisms of skin purification.
  • Anti-Oxidizing: Zinc-Glycine Complex, high-tech ingredient with exceptional anti-oxidizing power.
  • Soothing: 8 effective Plant Extracts that help to reduce redness and irritation.
  • Hydrating: With Avocado Peptides that deeply hydrate the skin and strengthen its natural defenses

Receive a FREE
Options Line Essential Toning Lotion
For Dry & Delicate Skin
Completes makeup removal of dry and/or delicate skin, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.
Facial Toner helps remove any residue of the Cleanser and returns the PH back to the skin, so the active ingredients of the moisturizer, penetrates the skin correctly.

  • Releases the skin from the last traces of makeup.
  • Protects and calms delicate skin.
  • Provides hydration, freshness and antioxidant benefits.
  • The skin reveals a luminous, fresh, supple and comfortable appearance.

6.8 oz

At night, on cleansed skin, apply the whole content of a vial on the face, neck and decolletage. Next, if the skin requires it, apply your usual treatment cream.
Apply on the face with a gentle massage after removing the Cleanser. Continue with the Moisturizer.


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