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Excel Therapy O2

Oxygen Anti-Aging Therapy

Working in a truly 'intelligent' way to help protect the skin against the visible signs of aging.

Lack of sleep, stress, pollution, UV rays etc., all add to the toll your skin takes as we age. When you first notice the signs of ageing - it is time to turn to Excel Therapy O2. This range will provide your skin with a powerful ally to defend and protect itself against the external aggressions of day to day life.

Excel Therapy O2 is the result of years of research. Its formulas are based on a combination of ingredients of biotechnical origin:
*MPC Complex, with a mixture of multi-functional cytokines work in an intelligent & personalized way, & revolutionary lipid nanostructures that work to re-establish the self defense mechanisms against environmental stress and signs of ageing.

@Life Cytoxygen, a complex with oxygen ceramide liposomes that work to neutralize the toxins and breath new life back into skin which has started to show the signs of ageing.

With Excel Therapy O2 you will see long lasting results, the skin recovers its well-being, it will look healthier and more youthful.

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Irressitible Beauty Excel Therapy 02+ 10 Detox Night Sleeping Cure

$ 12700

And as a gift: Your beauty bag with velvet finish, golden zip and hair tassel, the details that are making a trend.

Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Intensive Mask

Continuous Defense Cream

$ 9800

For Normal / Dry Skin. Dull & devitalized skin, Preventative anti-aging.

Excel Therapy O2 Continuous Defense Emulsion

Continuous Defense Emulsion

$ 11250

For Normal to Combination Skin

Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream

Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream

$ 7000

For Preventative, anti-aging.

Excel Therapy O2 Volumizing Ultra-Correction Care Lips Contour

Volumizing Ultra-Correction Care Lips

$ 5500

For Preventative anti-aging, a deeply hydrating intensive treatment for the lip area.

Excel Therapy O2 Comfort & Youthfulness Cleansing Milk

Comfort & Youthfulness Cleansing Milk

$ 5200

For Fine lines & wrinkles, Lifting and Firming.

Excel Therapy O2 Comfort & Youthfulness Toning Lotion

Comfort & Youthfulness Toning Lotion

$ 5200

For Fine lines & wrinkles, Lifting and Firming.


Excel Therapy O2 365 Soft Scrub

$ 6300

Daily Cleanser for all skin types.


Silky Scrub Exfoliating Powder

$ 8850

A foamy, elegant exfoliation that allows for an in-depth cleansing.


Essential Youthfulness Intensive Mask

$ 6850

Suited For: Providing high concentration of oxygen molecules and vitality in minutes.