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Perfect Forms

Your Body, Perfect

To maintain your body's youth, it is essential to care for it every day. For this, you have Germaine de Capuccini's complete assistance: Perfect Forms is a body line that offers specific products for every skin need. Hydration, Nourishment, Cellulite, Slimming, Lifting, Firming, Hands And Feet Care.

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Perfect Forms Algae Body Massage Cream

Algae Body Massage Cream

$ 19900

For Slimming, Draining and Stimulating Blood Circulation. Great for Massages.

Perfect Forms Replenish & Lift Bust Treatment

Replenish & Lift Bust Treatment

$ 7150

For A new generation of results driven products to specifically help the bust area recover its tone and firmness.

Perfect Forms Replenish & Lift Bust Treatment

Perfect Forms Lift Designer Cream

$ 8300

Tautening cream contours and firmness

Perfect Forms Elastific Body Firming

Elastific Body Hydro Firming Cream

$ 8700

For Cellulite & Body Firming. A truly excellent body product for those wanting to firm up flaccid area and create a more toned and defined contour.

Perfect Forms Slim Precision

Slim Precision Emulsion Reducing Treatment

$ 10950

For Cellulite & body firming, slimming & weight loss. A powerful anti-cellulite emulsion that reduces orange-peel skin, bloating and toxins to slim the silhouette.

Perfect Forms SOS Liposolution Vials

SOS Liposolution Vials Cellulite Treatment

$ 9500

For Cellulite & body Firming. Fights stubborn Cellulite.

Perfect Forms Phytocare Firm & Tonic Oil

Phytocare Firm & Tonic Oil

$ 7900

For Cellulite & body Firming. A luxurious dry body oil containing Baobab oil to hydrate, firm and tone the silhouette

Perfect Forms Hand Cream

Hand Cream - Hydrate, Nuture, Soften

$ 3050

To hydrate, nurture, soften and protect against external agents. Use as required throughout the day.

Perfect Forms Rescue Feet Correcting Foot Cream

Rescue Feet Correcting Foot Cream

$ 4100

The perfect solution for feet which dry with hard skin and calluses and tired feet.