Serum Collection for all the skin Needs

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This limited edition promotion contains a selection of our most popular serums so you can personalize your routine and treat the skin depending on its needs each day.

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This beautiful box contains a selection of our most popular serums ampoules, so you can treat the skin as and when it changes. Lack of sleep, weather conditions, stress, sun exposure, pollution, and hormone changes cause our skin to behave differently. This collection allows you treat your skin specifically depending on its needs: be it luminosity, deep nutrition, regeneration, firming, pollution defence or a flawless look. Open the window of your choice and apply your chosen ampoule to the skin.

Your box contains
• After Sun Exposure… Photo-Aged Recovery Shock Fluids (2 x 1.5 ml): a repairing and regenerating treatment for photo-aged and lifeless skin. Corrects premature signs of ageing such as dark spots, redness and premature wrinkles. MAIN INGREDIENTS: Niacinamide, Folic Acid, Plant Ingredient extracted from Soya and Vitamin D3.

• Glow effect… Timexpert White Powerlight (2 x 2ml): A powerful concentrate that detoxifies the cells providing light and clarity within the skin. The skin appears more luminous, uniform, smooth and firm. MAIN INGREDIENTS: D-Tox-Cell, Wheat Bran Extract, Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP) and Soft Focus Technology.

• Detox cocktail… Stop Pollution Shock Fluids (2 x 1.5ml): detoxifies, hydrates and provides luminosity to skin that is pallid, grey and has been subjected to a polluted environment. Particularly good for smokers skin.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Innovative polymer, L-Carnosine, Peach Skin Extract, Urban-Detox System and Medium Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

• Night Night Booster Timexpert SRNS Sleep Cure (2 x 2ml) – This night booster contains 60% active ingredients to stimulate the skin’s natural detoxification process during the night, drastically brightening and energizing the skin MAIN INGREDIENTS: D-Tox Control, Zinc-Glycine Complex, Carnicine, Avocado Peptides, Rosemary Extract, Liquorice Root Extract, Camomile Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Tea Plant Extract

• 3D Lifting… Timexpert Lift Vector Lift Serum (2 x 2ml) – Richer and more nourishing than a conventional serum, Vector Lift reinforces the mesh underneath the skin to lift and tauten whilst minimizing the pores. MAIN INGREDIENTS: V-Matrix, Duo of Calcium and Glucose, Extract of Lens esculenta.

• High Nutrition…. Timexpert Rides Absolute Nourishment Elixir (2 x 2ml) – A luxurious oil containing 7 plant oils to reduce wrinkles whilst providing intense nourishment. Recommended for dry skin. MAIN INGREDIENTS: 7 plant oils (Winter Rose, Amber, Sesame, Hazelnut, Apricot, Almond and Corn), Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Lupeol and Jasmine Essential Wax.

• Selfie Ready… Flash Lift Immediate Action Serum (2 x 1 ml) – This beauty serum provides flawless and luminous skin whilst holding your makeup in place for longer. Perfect for special occasions when you want to look great throughout the day and night. MAIN INGREDIENTS Pro-Liftine, High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and Phyto-Astringent Complex.


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