Timexpert SRNS Sleeping Cure Ampoules

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A revolutionary 10 night shock treatment to detoxify, purify
and regenerate tired, stressed and dull skin.

10 Vials


Sleeping-Cure works to stimulate and maximize skin regeneration, detoxification and purification during the night. Containing 60% active ingredients this ultra concentrated serum reactivates natural cellular renewal to eliminate toxins, soothe irritation, strengthen skin?s barrier function and help it recover from daily stress.

Signs of tiredness, dullness and uneven tone are drastically reduced leaving skin bright, fresh and energized. Ideal for all skin types even more sensitive skin.



Key ingredients:

  • Detoxifying: D-Tox Control: stimulates the two complementary mechanisms of skin detoxification to eliminate the damaged proteins.
  • Anti-oxidising: An award winning ingredient developed by Germaine de Capuccini that neutralizes cell damage.
  • Soothing: 8 Plant extracts including Liquorice, Camomile and Rosemary soothe the skin and reduce irritation.
  • Hydrating: Avocado Peptides to hydrate, re-densifies and strengthens the skin?s epidermal barrier function.

Recommended use:

  • For skin fatigued or dull skin from stress, lack of sleep, bad diet or smoking.
  • During seasonal changes: post-summer to recover the skin after sun exposure. During the winter when the skin suffers extreme climatic conditions, cold, heating.
  • To reduce redness and irritation on the more delicate skin.
  • To work against the effects of jet-lag on the skin.
  • As a booster to enhance the effect of the usual treatment creams.
  • After aggressive medical-aesthetic treatments.
  • To recover skin affected by medication (oncological patients, etc.)

This treatment is designed for use during 10 consecutive nights. At night, on cleansed skin, apply the whole content of an ampoule on the face, neck and d?colletage. If the skin requires it apply next your usual treatment cream, sleeping-cure will improve and enhance its effect.

You will find inside the box a small round plastic piece. This is to help you open the ampoule safely. Place this over the ampoule head with the serrated edge on the bottom of the neck of the ampoule – it will hold it here and feel secure. Then simply snap and the neck of the ampoule will remain in the plastic piece where you can tip out the glass top easily.


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