Timexpert Lift(In) Supreme Definition Eye Contour

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Suited For: Fine Lines & wrinkles, Lifting & Firming. The first
cream able to lift, restructure the whole eye area – including
the top eyelids.*

Size: 0.5 oz

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Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream

Our Eye Cream contains Blefaroplex, an exclusive ingredient developed in our laboratories, able to strengthen and rebuild the structure of the dermis to lift, firm and redefine the whole eye area – including the top eyelids.*


  • Blefaroplex: Increases collagen and elastin synthesis within the dermis to strengthen its structure. Increases the skins resistance to the effects of glycation.*
  • Chromo Correcting Pigments: acts like a pigment corrector reflecting certain colors to provide immediate illumination. The ‘tear valley’ is brightened and the bluish / reddish coloring of the bags is neutralized.*
  • Alpha Gel Technology: provides a ‘second skin’ effect creating a protective film that defends against the adverse effects of environmental pollution. It also deeply hydrates the micro relief to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.*

Product Description

Anti-Aging Eye Cream*

  • Lifts and restructures top eyelids (one of the first areas to show ageing).*
  • Exclusive ingredient Blefaroplex works much deeper than other ingredients (within the dermis) to rebuild the skin’s structure.*
  • Protects against the damaging effects of environmental pollution.*
  • Contains pigments to immediately brighten the eye area.*
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested. Paraben-free.*

Use twice a day.

  • For best results, the cream should be used with the zamak metal massager provided. Combined with our suggested massage application, (see pamphlet for pictures). It improves penetration of the product and stimulates micro-circulation to enhance results.*
  • Spread the product
  • Circular pressure points
  • Erasing of wrinkles


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