Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum

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Size: 1.7 oz
Brand New Formula with Glyco 8-Power
Our most technologically advanced booster serum for youthful, rejuvenated skin. Containing 22 active ingredients including our exclusive Glyco 8-power it’s proven to multiply the absorption by 8x* for visible results in just 7 days**. Treating all aspects of skin ageing our new Repair Night Progress formula protects the skin by day and repairs by night. Suitable for all skin types.


*Visible results in 7 days*
*22 active ingredients
*Treats all signs of skin ageing
*Multiplies the absorption of ingredients by x8*
*Protects during the day, repairs at night
*Suitable for all skin types (except acne)

Our Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum has evolved. Its new formula includes an innovate ingredient that increases by 8 the power of absorption of your skin*, making the serum penetrate deeper for fast, effective results. At night, while your skin is more receptive, it repairs damage and re-activates cellular regeneration. During the day it protects your skin against environmental factors and external aggression.

Glyco 8-Power – Our Exclusive Technology
Exclusive to Germaine de Capuccini, Glyco 8-Power encures active ingredients absorb into the skin rather than sit on the surface, so they can work effectively.

Proven Results*
*81% reported visibly rejuvenated skin
*81% reported more luminous skin
*The skin appears smoother, firmer and more radiant.

Key Active Ingredients:
*Glyco-8 Power: Biomolecules that increase by 8 the permeability of the skin, multiplying the benefits of the serum.
*RC-Advanced, an exclusive ingredient from Germaine de Capuccini. During the night it helps restore the skin its loss of daily energy and accelerate the regenerating and repairing processes of the DNA.
*Zinc-Glycine Complex (Winning a Cosmetics Nobel Prize). Ingredient awarded with the IFSCC prize (considered the Nobel Prize of Cosmetics). During the day it increases the resistance of cells to oxidative stress.
*High-Purity Collagen Activator. Activates collagen synthesis.
Hyaluronic Acid: Prevents the loss of water, provides smoothness and firmness.
*Multi-Lamellar Ceramide Complex. Regenerates the corneal layer.
*Nanoemulsified Multi-vitamin Complex: vitamins A, C and E, and a precursor of vitamin B. Anti-oxidizing, recovering and depigmentation actions.
*Plant complex formed by 7 extracts with soothing effects
*Polygonum cuspidatum root: stimulates sirtuins, which prevents ageing.

Benefits on the skin
*Improves skin’s texture & suppleness
*Increases hydration
*Improves firmness & density
*Reduces lines & wrinkles
*Boosts vitality & luminosity
*Uniforms the skin tone

Recommended for
*Anyone concerned about the visible signs of skin ageing
*Those under high levels of stress, excess work, lack of sleep
*After sun exposure or during seasonal changes to provide deep hydration
*Those undergoing aggressive aesthetic/medical-aesthetical treatments.
*Suitable for all skin types except acne skin
*Male & Female skin

Morning & evening, gently massage a small amount into the face, neck and d’colletage. Avoid the eye area. Then Apply your moisturizer.

In the evening, follow the massage ritual below to enhance the repairing benefit of sleep as well as enjoy a relaxing and detoxifying effect. Apply your night cream after the above procedure.


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