Flash Lift Serum

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A magical touch to appear natural and perfect skin! For
those special occasions

Size: 5 Vials

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A frenetically accelerated rhythm marked by stress, kids, work lack of sleep and emotional changes.

This produces day by day signs on our face that reduce our natural beauty.

These signs of fatigue reflect on the face as tiredness, bags under the eyes, redness, swollen eyes and dilated pores, to mention Ha few. Before having time to recover, out skin has to be ready for another occasion.

Germaine de Capuccini reformulates its immediate beauty ampoule FLASH LIFT to minimize as much as possible the frequent signs of fatigue, providing the skin with a fast, intense, lasting and natural lifting effect for up to 8 hours.

Product Description

New formula, improved and advanced, with an extraordinary combination of active ingredients:

  • High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid to prevent the loss of water and recover hydration and thus compensate the sensation of lack of comfort and tightness typical of tightening polymers.
  • Pro-Liftine biopolymer based on natural ingredients that achieves a tautening, fast intense and lasting lifting effect.
  • Phyto-Astringent Complex based on the association of active plants (ginger and pimpernel rhizome and cinnamon bark) produces a significant reduction of the size of dilated pores.
  • After the usual treatment cream apply Flash Lift on face, neck and d?colletage with circular movements or gentle touches with the fingers and wait until totally absorbed.
  • The skin is ready for a lasting and perfectly defined makeup. If you have very dry skin you can repeat the application of the facial cream, once the tautening serum is absorbed


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